James Palazzolo

James Palazzolo is a Legal Assistant at Schock Solaiman Ramdayal, PLLC.  James has several years of experience working with the public as they apply for Medicaid, Food Stamps and Child Day Care benefits.  James’ main responsibilities at SSR are to assist our team to help clients to apply for Medicaid and VA benefits.  These crucial benefits help cover the costs associated with nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Independent living facilities and other medical costs associated with aging.

James Palazzolo attended school in Anchor Bay, and has lived in the New Baltimore area his entire life.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business at Davenport University in just two years, while working full time as a Logistics Coordinator for a trucking company.  He completed courses in Leadership Development, Organizational Behavior and Negotiation/Dispute Resolution.  After graduating, James went to work at the Department of Health and Human Services as an Eligibility Specialist.  He was the main liaison between several elder law firms, and Department of Health and Human Services, regarding policy and eligibility issues for Medicaid.  With his exceptional customer service and leadership skills, he was instrumental in helping clients both receive and maintain their Medicaid benefits.  Needless to say, this gave peace of mind to the elderly and their families at an important time.

On a more personal level, James and his wife Mary reside in Chesterfield with James’ son Dante. They enjoy spending time as a family, going to movies and sporting events.  Most of the year is spent watching Dante play travel soccer and basketball.  They work out together at the gym, and spend time outside biking, doing yard work and with friends.  On Sundays they worship at church, doing volunteer work and family dinners.  They enjoy yearly trips to Cedar Point with friends, and to Florida to visit family.