Wealth Preservation

Working with the right team is fundamental to preserving your wealth and as Attorneys, we believe strong legal documents and strategic financial planning go hand in hand.  The goal is to preserve your wealth with the assistance of advisors, who are trained in the areas of Elder Law and Retirement Planning.  Most people spend the majority of lives working and building their estate for the benefit of themselves and their family and still so many people lose their entire life-savings because of lack of planning.  As you approach retirement, many of us start to worry about whether we will outlive our money.  With this mind, our goals begin to change and it is important that our financial portfolio changes as well.

Stay Educated

It is necessary to discuss and educate yourself on current tax and legal laws that can affect your wealth preservation.  We will help identify the dangers and opportunities that lie ahead for you and help guide you to your goals.  Your relationship with your Attorney and Financial Advisor should be life long and strong.

Work with an Experienced Wealth Preservation Attorney

Our strategies can help reduce the estate, gift, income and capital gains taxes that you may incur without proper planning, and in turn minimize or eliminate the probate process.  Wealth preservation means ensuring you have the assets and confidence you need to live for as long as you do, because we believe good planning is no accident.