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Elder Law Attorneys of Macomb County, MI

If you are seeking attorneys that specialize in elder law, Schock Solaiman Ramdayal, PLLC (SSR Law Office) delivers these services in a variety of practice areas for our clients in Macomb County, Michigan.  Our goal is to provide to you exceptional, large-firm service within a small-firm environment, meaning that your case will be handled with personal care, responsibility, and a great attention to detail by our expert attorneys.

Whatever the circumstances of your legal needs, we offer sound legal advice and top representation in all of the cases we take on. We are a well-equipped and experienced firm made up of legal professionals who specialize in many areas of elder law, including:

Estate Planning

After a certain point in life, the question of what happens after we die becomes inevitable, and it can overwhelming attempting to navigate writing a will, ensuring your estate is secured, or placing money into a trust without legal assistance. At SSR Law Office, our attorneys are well-equipped to help you take a successful approach to estate planning and can answer any questions that you may have regarding the process. Read More

Wealth Preservation

Preserving your wealth for the benefit of your descendants is one of the most major—if not the most major—aspects of successful estate planning. Because of this, it is imperative to know the legal asset protection statuses that will work in your best interests in order to secure your estate. The attorneys at SSR Law Office are experts at navigating Wealth Preservation and will help you every step of the way. Read More

Trust Administration

In estate planning, placing money or property into a trust guarantees that the beneficiary of the trust will receive that inheritance free of restrictions and complications that may be brought about by probate laws or similar disputes that often come with inheritances left in a will alone. SSR Law Office offers highly specialized assistance in aiding seniors create and manage trusts for their beneficiaries. Read More

Medicaid Planning

As we grow older, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a good levels of health and well-being. Receiving adequate medical care, however, can be challenging and expensive without the proper amount of support from federal and state assets. If you believe you qualify for Medicaid, or would like to explore your healthcare options, SSR Law Office’s legal team is here to help. Read More

Probate Law

After a loved one dies, the process of probating a will or estate can make an already emotional event even more stress if handled improperly. Because of this, legal assistance from an experienced attorney may be necessary in order to ensure that the last wishes of your loved one are honored in their entirety. SSR Law Office can answer any question you may have about probating the estate of yourself or a loved one. Read More

Veterans Benefits

Those who volunteer to serve our country and defend our freedoms have our utmost respect, and we honor the sacrifices they have made for us. To that end, if you or a loved one has served in the United States military in the past, you may be eligible to receive benefits at a federal and state level. At SSR Law Office, we actively honor those who have served by ensuring that qualifying clients receive the Veterans benefits they so rightfully deserve. Read More

Special Needs Planning

In some instances, providing assistance to a child or loved one with special needs can be a lifelong commitment, and many fears arise as to what may happen to them after you can no longer care for them. In addition, the cost of the care itself may far exceed what you can pay on your own. SSR Law Office’s seasoned legal team can you help secure benefits and resources to ensure that your child or loved one with special needs is cared for, regardless of what happens. Read More

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense covers a broad area of offenses, including felony charges and traffic violations. While it may seem easier to represent yourself, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage if you do so. If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, SSR Law Office’s seasoned legal team can help you seek a reduced sentence, and we will represent your case with integrity from start to finish. Read More